End of Productivity in Tech Podcast, The start of something new!!

I'm working on something big. Not sure how big, but I know that it's pretty big!

As you know I've been slowly transforming Productivity in Tech into Productive Developers, a productivity coaching company for developers and development teams.

Today, I'm officially announcing the retirement of the Productivity in Tech Podcast. 

I want to thank all of the guests that gave me the privilege to speak with them. I am a more productive and knowledgeable person for it. I still have a few more interviews I have recorded and they will be presented in many different formats (video, blog post audio snippets, many things!)

I am in the process of moving the Productivity in Tech Podcast to the Internet Archive to be hosted there. I also want to mention that all content on from that podcast is available to use (with attribution). 

So What's Next?

Perhaps the biggest thing is going to be local and online workshops. I want to work with developers around the world to help them get more productive. If you are interested in hosting a workshop for your team in your area, please feel free to reach out.

I'm also going to be looking to work with other developer creators more. If that's you shoot me an email or reach out on twitter!

I'm also going to commit to writing more and sharing my thoughts. They will be rough and random at first but I hope to create a more consistent brand in the long run. 

I would love to continue doing our Roundtables, but will not be doing them regularly.

What can you do to stay in the loop?

Keep an eye out on social for all the things we're going to be up to. Also if you use RSS, consider subscribing to this blog. I'll try to let you know about all the things coming up!

Don't be the Only One

Don't be the Only One