Enjoy Completing Small Tasks

Enjoy Completing Small Tasks

In a newsletter post (one that I received a lot of feedback on), I mentioned the idea of treating smaller non-important tasks like crickets. They keep track of them but let them sit in your life like crickets in the field. Once these crickets get too loud it's time to get to work knocking out as many as necessary until your life feels in balance again.

After reading this post from Zen Habit's Leo Babauta, I wanted to recommend a couple of ways that you can have fun with clearing out your crickets!



Reward Yourself

I am very found of the idea of rewarding yourself when you do necessary but not nessicarily always fun tasks. Be sure to celebrate cleaning the kitchen with a pleasant bowl of your favorite ice cream and inviting your friends over for a game night after you've taken all day to clean the house.

Make it a Challenge

If you are very competitive, you can take advantage of your cricket list, by making it a challenge. Time yourself to see how quickly you can get your email sorted out. Use an app like Forest to see how long you can go without using your phone while you tackle some morning chores.

Catch up on Self/Others

Here are a few crickets I keep on my list.

  • go for a run
  • hit the gym
  • sweep/mop the floors 

While these tasks are not the most fun (for me), I always feel amazing once they are completed. This goes along with cleaning and other things. I like to walk around barefoot on nice clean and warm floors.

Also, remember it isn't always about you. Author Jenny Santi reminds us that we get a large happiness benefit when we help others and make them happy. 

The gift of time is often more valuable to the receiver and more satisfying for the giver than the gift of money. - Jenny Santi

This suggests that we make sure that some of our crickets include catching up with people and friends we haven't spoken with. (No talking to someone on Facebook does not count!)

The Overall Takeaway

Crickets are loud, but catching crickets is pretty fun. Don't torture yourself with your tasks. Instead do your best to enjoy the process (or the benefits of completing them).

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