Custom Coaching Plans, Tailored to your Immediate and Long-Term Needs

We make it our goal to ensure that developers have the best chance for success in their career. We acheive this with targeted planning around each developer and their teams needs. 


Individual Coaching Packages

1-Call Productivity Assessment

Many issues can be solved very easily. If you have a very specific issue, we can address it with a one-time productivity call. It is the goal of Productive Developers to be able to apply practical advice that you can apply immediately.

After the call we will provide two check-in emails to see how much improvement you are making and make small adjustments.

We also do two email check-ins each week. Just to ensure that  

1-Month Productivity Track (3-Sessions)

We start with a 1 hour productivity phone consultation to assess key areas that need attention. We also give you our 'little one' in which we quarantee a small change that will make a huge impact in your overall productivity. 

We also do a 1-hour call every two-weeks to examine progress and implement more techniques that build upon what we've worked on in the calls before. 

Project Productivity Track (per month basis)

Our 1-month Productivity Track except we stay along with you the entire journey our your project. 

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Group Coaching Packages

4-hour productivity workshop

Our half day workshop involves us speaking with your team on our 4 pillars of productive development followed by a group productivity brainstorming session to discover how teams can implement these pillars into the business day.

2 day in-office productivity retreat 

The first day we do individual interviews with your team and proide a 'little one' to each member.

In the second day, we take a full day to work with the team as a whole to address the points discovered in the individual sessions.

Each group package begins with a free 1-hour coaching assessment.

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